Offbeat and daring concepts

Luxury and eco-friendly design are compatible concepts, as proven by the Conscious Hotel Vondelpark (from €50), an establishment that offers sustainable accommodation that doesn’t compromise on comfort or modern conveniences. The Greenhouse Effect (from €50), located in the heart of the Red Light District, is the namesake hotel of the downstairs bar and coffee shop. With its psychedelic décor, it’s an ideal spot for space cadets and party animals to crash. At the cutting edge of contemporary design, the rooms at the The Exchange Hotel (from €46) have been dressed in “outfits” by fashion designers freshly graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The hotel offers accommodation that ranges from 1 to 5 stars under the same roof, a concept initiated by forward-thinking duo Otto Nan and Suzanne Oxenaar, who are also the masterminds behind the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy (from €50). Located in the up-and-coming docklands area of Amsterdam, the Llyod uses the same winning formula of designer flare applied to a full range of room categories to achieve a unique and impressive result.
Those on a budget can also afford a little extravagance at St Christopher's at the Winston, a budget hotel decorated with quirky artwork that offers private rooms with different themes.

A floating room

Amsterdam’s canals and barges are part of the picture-postcard image of the city, so staying in a houseboat is an experience that’s both authentic and unusual. The Houseboat Under the Mill (from €75) is less of a boat than a floating caravan, with its twee decor and quaint location under a windmill. Just south of the city centre, the PhilDutch Houseboat (from €80) offers guests the cosiness of a typical Dutch home plus the added pleasure of eating breakfast on the terrace in company of the local swans.

Not central but completely eccentric

Regeneration and innovation are two keywords that describe the NDSM docks, a historic maritime landmark that has been redeveloped as a creative media hub. Not for the faint hearted, the Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel offers guests the opportunity to stay in one of three luxurious suites – Mystic, Secret or Free Spirit – each of which is a bubble of opulent design suspended halfway up a crane tower – exceptional views guaranteed!