Hotels in Spain

Spain is vying with France for the title of the world’s leading tourist destination. It has to be said that in the space of 50 years the country has become one of the most attractive holiday destinations, with exceptional natural sites, a wide variety of landscapes, a rich cultural heritage and big cities with bags of character. The touristic infrastructure has also developed at a rapid pace, particularly the hotel scene, which is now one of the most modern and dynamic in Europe. You’ll find budget chain hotels offering excellent value for money, contemporary luxury hotels, paradores that conserve the country’s remarkable architectural heritage, and a dense market of mid-range accommodation. In short, there’s by far enough choice for tourists to find exactly what they’re looking for.
To date, HotelHotel has catalogued 63,769 accommodation offers, among which 13,249 hotels, 5,791 guest houses, 951 aparthotels and 20,149 holiday rentals. From these thousands of addresses, our travel writers have independently selected the very best offers for each of the major tourist destinations: Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Grenada, etc. Whether you’re travelling with family, alone, or as a couple; on a small budget or on the contrary, with the will (and the ways) of indulging yourself, our authors will point you in the direction of safe bets and good deals, highly-recommended hotels and even a few hidden gems.

Here are the major Spanish cities covered by HotelHotel, listed in alphabetical order:

* These destinations are covered by our team of travel writers who suggest different hotels depending on the kind of trip you're planning
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