Hotels in United Kingdom

The countries known collectively as the United Kingdom – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales – form a land of diverse cultures and landscapes. The rolling Welsh countryside, the rugged southern English coast and the unruly beauty of Scotland contrast with the melting pot of culture and finance found in London, Glasgow and Liverpool, or the industrial heritage of Manchester. Whether you’re a shopaholic, a Beatles fan, an art enthusiast, a castle admirer, a nature lover, a spa goer, or a staunch supporter of the Royals, the UK has a lot to offer to tourists, both domestic and foreign, besides its legendary sense of humour and notorious weather.

As for accommodation, everything goes: sleep in an authentic Scottish castle surrounded by mist and lochs, stay in a homely B&B in a cottage in Kent or Sussex, take advantage of the spas and thermal treatments in Bath, or see the latest designer concept in a boutique hotel in London’s West End. With around 13,536 hotels – that’s an impressive 20% of all accommodation throughout the British Isles – London is way ahead of other major UK cities such as Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Liverpool and Manchester in terms of the number of hotels on offer.

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