The Team

HotelHotel is a website run by genuine people. It’s the second project by the French group Autrement (following the launch of Chambres à Part in 2009 and before the acquisition of Hotel à Paris in 2013), and is the product of a ten-strong team of individuals that all have several things in common: enthusiasm, a (good) sense humour, and (a lot of) talent. On top of all that, everybody is driven by the same ambition: to offer a new way to find and book hotels on the web.

This is the HotelHotel team, as it stands in April 2014:

Michel Athénour CEO

Co-founder and former Executive Director of Cityvox, Michel fell into a spatiotemporal void on December 19 2008 and can no longer process the notion of “the present”, meaning he constantly oscillates between science fiction (“can I have a Facebook app by Friday please”) and regression (“how can you not know this video?!”).

Find him on Facebook, Twitter, and on the Autrement Blog (French only).

Christophe Moins Technical Manager

His talent and influence are inversely proportionate to his speech output, i.e. he says little and knows a lot, so you have to listen very carefully when he does decide to speak out. Over time, we’ve learnt to decode his body language: if you notice a faint smile flicker across his face, it means that something monumental has just happened in the world (real or virtual) and he was the first to know about it.

Find him on Facebook and on Twitter.

Colin Darie Senior Developer

Our history with Colin goes way back to 2009 when he saved the day by stepping in to help with one of our other sites ( Highly impressed, we jumped at the opportunity of taking him on permanently. This man of many talents is capable of incredible feats such as rebuilding a website from scratch, baking a mean kiwi tart, and going on holiday beyond the polar circle in winter… Luckily for us, he came back.

Find him on Twitter.

Coralie Despinoy SEO Manager

We feel that youth deserves a chance (let it be known that when Coralie was born, most of the HotelHotel team were heading to university…), so we took on Coralie as an intern in February 2011. Then never let her go. We quickly offered her a permanent position when she proved she could overcome just about any obstacle in her path, including the daily commute from Aix-en-Provence to Marseille. If this is the youth we’re counting on to pay our retirements, we’re in good hands.

Find her on Twitter and on her blog .

Marianne Serandour Editorial Director

Marianne was Editorial Director at Cityvox before she responded to an SOS from the Belgian king begging her to help with the Flemish-Walloon reconciliation efforts. As it turned out, that wasn’t full-time job so she took on the coordination of HotelHotel’s authors and freelancers, reminding us all on a daily basis that while technology is great, so are humans – in fact they’re often better.

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Jérémy Lecour Technical Manager

Be warned: Jérémy knows a lot of things about a lot of subjects, and likes to talk about all of them. So think twice before you ask him a question, because he’s more than likely to have a detailed, well-balanced, and very long answer. If, by chance, he doesn’t have an answer, he’ll still explain the precise reasons for not having an answer.

Find him on Twitter and on his blog.

Clémence Piot Editorial Director France

Clémence revived all of the good memories we had of her from a professional past-life when she became one of our most loyal freelance authors. As time went by and HotelHotel grew, she was our first choice to fill the role of editorial director for France. We knew that she was talented, competent, rigorous, and professional, but we’ve now discovered that she’s funny, creative and pro-active too. If we could clone her, we’d already be listed on NASDAQ.

Amélie ManceauSEO and Community Manager

We knew her virtual identity before meeting her in the flesh. Not only did Amélie bring a feminine touch to the SEO team; she also brought her valuable experience and expertise with social networks to the company. Judging by her thousands of twitter followers and her popular "fashion/beauty blog", she must have digital DNA.

Benoit Anselme Senior Developer

We have our habits at HotelHotel, and we can be stubborn about sticking to them. Recruiting web developers with a specific profile is a good example: we like them bright, experienced, independent, communicative and perceptive of user experience, plus they need to share our values of quality and transparency. When we met Benoit, it was love at first sight.

Find him on Twitter.

There’s the also the old-school hard core of the website, the people who were with us at the company’s beginnings in 2009 and who we’re always happy to catch up with over lunch or a few drinks:

Anne-Laure Dubois Author and Editorial Director for Chambres à Part

Anne-Laure lives in the Var region of France, but doesn’t fully accept it. She likes Brittany, writing and cooking (if we don’t keep a close eye on her she’ll start a blog about Celtic cuisine). Apart from that, she likes to invent new words to qualify delayed trains – and boy does she have a way with words!

Find her on Facebook, Twitter and on the Chambres à Part Blog.

Timothée Barray Senior Developer

Tim is a mystery. He’s like a Swiss army knife: he can do just about anything, and he does it well… and with a smile, and on time. We can’t figure out how he does it, uniting professionalism with coolitude, but he carries it off with brio. To this day, his only known flaw is that he’s not an early riser.

Find him on Facebook, Twitter and on his blog.

Julien Thibon Freelance Author

Tim is a mystery. He’s like a Swiss army knife: he can do just about anything… and well… and with a smile… and on time. We don’t quite know how he achieves this alliance of professionalism and coolitude, but he carries it off with brio. To this day, his only known flaw is that he’s not a morning person.

Find him on Facebook and Twitter.

François-Julien Alcaraz Developer

You can’t judge a book by its cover. As a guy who looks like he couldn’t care less, FJ is great proof of this proverb. Efficient and creative (even with his excuses), his work speaks for itself, and he always delivers.

Find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Delphine Marquier Coordinator

Delphine is like the barometer of HotelHotel: a calm day means clear sailing with the wind at your back and spells of great satisfaction; but if a storm is on the horizon (fortunately a rare event in sunny Marseille), get ready to buckle down the hatches and hold on or dear life… A real whirlwind of energy, she’s capable of moving mountains.

Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Natacha Gromme Rédactrice / Pigiste

We first chose to work with Natacha for her talents in communication, then entrusted her with one of the most important jobs in our line of work: that of writing. Seen as she got on so well with everything we threw at her, we asked her to organize the annual office party, which she also carried off with flare. Now we’re trying to think of what else we can ask her to do…

Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Adrien Caranta Developer

Polite, punctual and chic, as well as conscientious and hard-working, we think that Adrien is perfect son-in-law material. He’s also just about everything you could ask for in an employee. He didn’t marry into this job, but he is an important part of the family, putting up with his temperamental boss and Jérémy’s loud voice, and constantly defending FJ.

Find him on Facebook and Twitter.