Trouvez votre hôtel parmi l'offre des plus grands acteurs du marché.

By bringing together the major European booking sites, HotelHotel proposes three times more offers of accommodation than the biggest reservation centre on the market. More than 540,000 hotels are available to browse and book online through, and we plan on increasing that number as much as possible as we go.

Better still, HotelHotel helps you to find accommodation that suits your needs, not that makes the most commission. HotelHotel is transparent, functional and impartial: choose your search criteria, see locations on a map, find real-time quotes for availability and prices and get immediate confirmation. Our priority is to supply you with all the information you need to help you decide.


Comparez les prix parmi les différents sites partenaires.

Finding a good hotel is one thing – getting a great deal is even better. HotelHotel searches and compares prices from the biggest agents on the net, trawling through the different booking sites and bringing together all of the information in one place. You no longer need to look at dozens of pages to find out who’s offering the best rate because we do the work for you.

Try it for yourself. You’ll see that prices can vary a lot from one booking site to another. It’s highly common to find a £20-difference per person per night, and yet the quote is given for the same room and services. We explain why you come across such discrepancies here.


Réservez votre chambre directement auprès du site le moins cher.

You’ve chosen your hotel, you’ve checked the availability for your dates and you’ve found which site offers the best rate. Now all you have to do is reserve through one of our partners. We only work with trustworthy, solid figures of eTourism that have a proven track record, so you can be confident that you’re in good hands. See the list of our partners to find out more.

Once you’ve landed on our partner’s site, all that’s left to do is to complete the reservation with them. HotelHotel is an intermediary, not a retailer: we don’t make any direct reservations and don’t take any payments.