Three on-site hotels for around €50

Futuroscope works in partnership with twelve hotels that are all located within easy walking distance of the park’s attractions. Of these twelve establishments, there are three low-cost options that endeavour to offer their guests highly competitive rates. This is exactly you’ll find at the Ibis site du Futuroscope (from €49), which offers bright, modern, functional accommodation with the added bonus of an outdoor swimming pool.

In the same vein, the Campanile Poitiers site Futuroscope (from €49) has impressed guests with its attentive staff and efficient organisation. The Campanile chain is famous for offering accommodation that is a cut above most low-cost hotels – and for its all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants. Fans of this formula will not be disappointed!

The last of the budget hotels located on site is the Hôtel du Parc (from €50). While it’s not affiliated to a chain group, the same conventions of plain but modern facilities have been applied. With a full range of room types, the hotel offers flexible accommodation for groups and families.

Convenient budget hotels

The following three hotels are all extremely close to the theme park. Whilst they may not be one of the lucky twelve located directly on site, they make up for the slight disadvantage with unbeatable rates!

The Première Classe Poitiers Futuroscope is probably the best compromise between location and price. It offers the reassuring cleanliness and functional features of the chain brand, and prices start at an incredibly low €35. Located on the RN10 near to the A10, the roadside setting is far from idyllic but it’s a practical spot for those arriving by car and is also the closest to the park.

A little further away, it’s a five- to ten-minute car journey from the Quick Palace Poitiers (from €35) and the Fasthotel Poitiers Futuroscope (from €32) to the park’s turnstiles. Both of these hotels propose plain accommodation without any particularly remarkable features, providing the bare minimum in terms of comfort and services.

Value for money in the surrounding area

Many visitors choose to travel a short distance in order to get more for their money. If you’re prepared to make a short car journey to get to the park, a wider choice of budget hotels opens up, offering a slightly better standard of accommodation than a roadside pit stop. This is the case at Balladins (from €40), located 3 kilometres north of Futuroscope at Jaunay Clan, where guests can enjoy modern rooms and a small pool.

Next up, the Mac Bed (from €45) is located 7 kilometres south of the park in the suburbs of Poitiers and features a quirky touch of interior design. Lastly, the Hôtel de France (6 kilometres south of the park in the suburbs of Poitiers, from €40) is a prim and proper 3-star that offers an outside pool and terrace area.