Pioneers of style

The following hotels were among the first establishments to cater for a young, trendy clientele with strong, original concepts.

As its name suggests, the Seven Quartier Latin is located in the historic Latin Quarter, where tourists rub shoulders with locals in lively bars and fashionable restaurants. Each room is individually decorated with a unique contemporary design concept: if you’re looking for an exceptional experience, try the “Levitation” room (from €309) with its suspended bed and bath tub and futuristic lighting. Also by the Elegancia group, the Five Hotel proposes the same concept of highly stylised, fantastical suites that each have an individual theme. The newest Elegencia establishment to launch in the city is the Hotel O. Located in a sought-after spot in Paris’s 1st arrondissement, near to the Louvre, the Hotel O was designed by Ora-ïto in an ultra-high-tech, streamlined style.

Located opposite the Louvre, Le Lumen has made a name for itself with its sumptuous, glitzy décor featuring crystal chandeliers, lashings of velvet and tons of marble. Between €150 and €500.

Hot newcomers

The number of boutique hotels in Paris is increasing at the speed of light, with each newcomer hoping to be considered more innovative than the rest.

Some of the first boutique hotels are even updating their interiors. This is the case with the Murano, now called the Streets Hotel (from €150), which has been refreshed with a new collection of contemporary art and designer furniture, plus a programme of electro parties in the hip bar. In the same vein of cutting-edge design, the Color Design Hotel (from €79) employs splashes of vibrant colours and flashy fittings to break up its clean lines and pristine white walls.

The latest trend in interior design is the updated vintage look that combines 1950s style with upcycled furniture. Three Hotel Hotel favourites in this style are the Hotel du Temps, with its deliciously retro rooms; the Hôtel Edgar, which was decorated in collaboration with notable photographers, designers and stylists; and the 1er Etage, with its top-to-toe 1950s look. Reaching further up the scale of luxury, the Singulier (from €160) is an ultra-sophisticated “house hotel” offering eight luxurious suites and a patio garden, whilst the Hôtel de Nell (from €250) – current darling of trade press – is a unanimous hit for its elegant, muted design.

Last but not least, the Hôtel R de Paris (from €170), which opened its doors on December 6 2013, has been received with much enthusiasm for its sleek, understated sense of style.

Classy, chic atmospheres

Located behind Trocadéro in an upscale residential neighbourhood, not far from several famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, Mon Hôtel (from €169) is among the most elegant of Parisian boutique hotels. Apart from the highly sophisticated décor, visitors have appreciated the excellent quality of the bedding and the hotel’s peaceful setting.

Over on the Rive Gauche or Left Bank, Le Six is located a short walk from the Jardin de Luxembourg and the Latin Quarter of Saint-Germain, Paris’s historic literary heart – a charming area filled with boutiques, bars and restaurants. Le Six offers sleek modern interiors and comfortable furnishings for around €250 per night. Both Mon Hôtel and Le Six are equipped with a spa and steam room.